Do you work on "Insert Brand Here"?

Yes. We work on everything. We specialize in vintage, strange, and obscure but we can help you wether you have a Honda or a Harley, a scooter or sidecar, or even a moped or a motard. 


How much will it cost?

We charge $85/hour. We try to estimate the cost based on your description of the problem but old bikes have many secrets and sometimes the thing you think is wrong is only part of the problem. We try to be fair.


Do we sell bikes?

Yes. Sort of. We usually act as the matchmaker. Someone might come in and want to sell something and someone else might come in with the desire to buy something. We try to match them up. Occasionally we will have our own bikes to sell. Contact us here or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.


How much does a custom bike cost?

That depends. How custom? What kind? What options? Contact us. We are super excited to talk about your project and we are super nice too. 


Can I buy your amazing merch?

Yes. Of course. Go to the Store.